Camtasia 9 - Screen Recording and Video Editing Tool

With the new screen recording software Camtasia 9, you can create professional videos from your screen and from PowerPoint presentations more easily. With the new features you can create educational videos, corporate and software presentations faster, more efficiently, and more professionally.

After creating a screen video, edit your video clip in Camtasia Editor, and delete unnecessary passages, optimize the audio track, or add an MP3 file; add emphasis on important details with speech bubbles, or by using the zoom feature.


To give your video the Hollywood look and feel, Camtasia provides a large amount of transitions and animation effects. A green screen feature enables, e.g. a host to be recorded in front of a green background which can later be replaced by any picture or video clip, and the multi task bar enables you to add picture-in-picture videos where, for instance, a moderator is visible in a small video clip in the lower right corner, while a video presentation is playing.

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How can everyone in your organization use Camtasia to communicate more effectively?

Camtasia Schulung Camtasia Präsentation Camtasia für Marketing


Stop repeating yourself and create a library of training videos that can be viewed again and again to save you time and make on boarding smoother


Have important Information to share? Make sure everyone gets the memo by making an engaging video that can be used internally or externally for clients.


Impress your customers with a polished video that you can produce right in-house - saving you money. Use your own branding within your videos to clearly get your message across.


Camtasia 9 Screenshot 1 Camtasia Präsentation Camtasia für Windows und Mac

Professional videos, in less time 64-bit platform

64-bit platform: You’ll see more responsive performance and faster rendering times.

Canvas editing: What you see is what you get. Every element in your video can be edited in the preview window.

Modern look: Themed callouts, colors, and a simplified interface make your videos look great.

New ways to engage your audience

Behaviors: Add animations to text and images. It’s easy to apply eye-catching movements in just seconds.

Video elements: We’ve curated a collection of high-quality elements (backgrounds, music tracks, icons, and motion graphics) for all your video needs.

Quizzing (now on PC & Mac): Add a quiz to your video to see who watched your video and if your content was effective.

Windows and Mac—better together

Dual-platform access: Camtasia is now one product on two platfo rms. Your software key will unlock both Camtasia on Windows and Camtasia on Mac.

Collaborate around videos: Camtasia now has a common project file that lets you and your colleagues work together on video projects on either platform.

Camtasia Version Comparison

Feature Camtasia
(Version 9 on
Windows /
Version 3 on Mac)
Camtasia Studio
(Version 8
on Windows)
Camtasia Mac
(Version 2
on Mac)
Share Projects Across Platforms X    
Callout Family Themes X    
Asset Marketplace X    
Full Canvas Editing X    
Behaviors X    
64-Bit Platform X   X
Grouping X X  
Title Clips X X  
Quizzing X X  
Fullscreen and Region Recording X X X
Webcam, Microphone, and System Audio Recording X X X
Multiple Video and Audio Tracks X X X
Callouts, Annotations, and Shapes X X X
Remove a Color (Chroma Key) X X X
Video and Cursor Effects X X X
Highlight and Blur Tools X X X
Animations and Transitions X X X
Captioning and Voice Narration X X X
Hotspots X X X
Clip Speed X X X

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system Requirement

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and higher, only 64-Bit System
  • Mac OS 10.10 and higher
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