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If you're looking for an intuitive, effective and exciting way to record what's happening on your Mac's screen, you need to take a look at the latest version of Camtasia for Mac. Camtasia® for Mac is ideal forMac users who would like to create polished, high-quality videos that are grabbed right from their computer screens. In this technical review, you'll learn about the basic features of Camtasia® for Mac.

You'll also find out about upgrades and additions that have been made to this wildly popular screen recording software. If you're ready to learn more about Camtasia® for Mac, check out the following information.

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Camtasia for Mac 2 - #1: Make a great recording: Prepare, Script, Rehearse Getting Started: Editing Your Video Resume Camtasia for Mac 2 - #1: Make a great recording: Prepare, Script, Rehearse
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The Basics

With Camtasia® for Mac, the possibilities are endless. At its core, however, Camtasia for Mac is designed to make screen recording as simple as possible. Whether your needs are simple or advanced, you should be more than satisfied with Camtasia® for Mac. Flexible recording options allow you to record a specified region, a specific window or the full screen. All it takes is a single click of the mouse button or keyboard to begin recording with Camtasia® for Mac. To end a recording, you just have to click one button as well. Getting started with Camtasia® for Mac is a snap.

Key Features

The latest version of Camtasia® for Mac includes many popular features, and a few new features have been thrown into the mix as well. The editor interface for Camtasia® for Mac has been completely redesigned. It's easier than ever to produce professional results with Camtasia® for Mac. One of the best features of Camtasia® for Mac is SmartFocus, which intuitively zooms in on things like active windows, entered text and the position of the mouse cursor. While the Camtasia® for Mac screen recorder is running, it will automatically produce fantastic results.


Recording a video is just the first step when using Camtasia® for Mac. This well-designed program includes exceptional video-editing features. The robust lineup of editing features in Camtasia® for Mac include things like tilt animation, which allows you to tilt the screen by dragging and dropping the video that you are editing. Camtasia® for Mac allows you to add elements like shapes, speech bubbles, arrows and animated call-outs. From within Camtasia® for Mac, you can also use the Cursor FX feature to draw attention to the cursor by highlighting, magnifying or throwing a spotlight on it.


Once you have used the Camtasia® for Mac editing features to fine-tune your screen recording, the next step is getting it out there. You can handle this step from within Camtasia® for Mac as well. In fact, you can upload your screen recording directly to YouTube or Screencast.com. If you'd like to share your video on mobile devices, Camtasia® for Mac makes it easy to create the right files. Camtasia® for Mac also supports high-definition videos. The program can also automatically create a table of contents for Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. Whatever your video publishing needs may be, Camtasia® for Mac should be able to handle them with ease.

Camtasia for Mac: An Exceptional Tool

There are plenty of reasons that Camtasia® for Mac is the most popular screen-recording software on the market today. A free trial is available for Camtasia® for Mac, so you can give it a whirl without spending a great deal of money. Camtasia for Mac is not cheap, but it's a worthwhile investment for anyone who needs to create professional videos from screen recordings on their Mac. Thanks to the intuitive design of Camtasia® for Mac, you can get started immediately. It's available for download now, so get started right away.


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system Requirement



  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later
  • Quartz Extreme support
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4GB of available disk space (minimum)
  • QuickTime X or later
  • Mac computer with an Intel processor (dual core 2.0GHz or faster)
  • 2GB of RAM or greater


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Great customer service! We had an excellent experience while researching and purchasing the product. Camtasia is a solid screen-capture software. It enables us to create useful training videos for both internal and external use. Camtasia has definitely bumped up our multimedia production capability. Jini Ryan

I´ve tried more or less every screen recording software found on Google. Eachone had different issues!Finally we tested Camtasia based on recommendations and it works perfectly! Also the editing part is just at the right level for our needs. Christopher, Teletec Sweden

I had an excellent experience. I appreciated the quick, clear and useful communication and was able to download and use my new software immediately. Kelly Thompson

I'm very satisfied with the service. Thank you for all te help when I need it with my software. Very good and very thanked Kyle

We went from the tutorials to posting our first product video in about 6 man-hours...great interface, features and intuitive design. Eric Babin

Thanks for a really good service, I'm glad I found you on the internet. I bought Camtasia Studio Super Bonus, cheap and good product. Johnny Gejdner, Sweden
I am very pleased with this product, it is very easy to use and was exactly what I needed to quickly put together a product tutorial to help customers better understand our products.Clinton
Your product is very easy to learn and use. It is very intuitive. The daily video tutorials are helpful as well, I wish other companies offered that service.Statira Wilmoth
An extraordinary tools for us. Not only for marketing purposes but also as an internal training and motivation tool.Jaime de la Serna
I just want to say that your service is world class and your site is elegantly simple and effective for ordering and for making contact. I am 100% satisfied and will be back again! Great work. For those reading this, I even had a return and a mistake (I made) regarding paypal and more, and Daniel and his gang responded and fixed EVERYTHING within 2 hours. Absolutely unheard of on the web and I recommend them highly. Patrick Sweet, Phd
I'm very happy with your software - it's fantastic. Very easy to use and works every time. Thanks, Glen Beumer
Your software does it all, and your support services are excellent. Keep up the good work.Isaac Nwuju
Thanks for your quick answer. This is great service and I give credit where credit is due!Horst Neidhart