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Customer Testimonials

Great customer service! We had an excellent experience while researching and purchasing the product. Camtasia is a solid screen-capture software. It enables us to create useful training videos for both internal and external use. Camtasia has definitely bumped up our multimedia production capability. Jini Ryan

I´ve tried more or less every screen recording software found on Google. Eachone had different issues!Finally we tested Camtasia based on recommendations and it works perfectly! Also the editing part is just at the right level for our needs. Christopher, Teletec Sweden

I had an excellent experience. I appreciated the quick, clear and useful communication and was able to download and use my new software immediately. Kelly Thompson

I'm very satisfied with the service. Thank you for all te help when I need it with my software. Very good and very thanked Kyle

We went from the tutorials to posting our first product video in about 6 man-hours...great interface, features and intuitive design. Eric Babin

Thanks for a really good service, I'm glad I found you on the internet. I bought Camtasia Studio Super Bonus, cheap and good product. Johnny Gejdner, Sweden
I am very pleased with this product, it is very easy to use and was exactly what I needed to quickly put together a product tutorial to help customers better understand our products.Clinton
Your product is very easy to learn and use. It is very intuitive. The daily video tutorials are helpful as well, I wish other companies offered that service.Statira Wilmoth
An extraordinary tools for us. Not only for marketing purposes but also as an internal training and motivation tool.Jaime de la Serna
I just want to say that your service is world class and your site is elegantly simple and effective for ordering and for making contact. I am 100% satisfied and will be back again! Great work. For those reading this, I even had a return and a mistake (I made) regarding paypal and more, and Daniel and his gang responded and fixed EVERYTHING within 2 hours. Absolutely unheard of on the web and I recommend them highly. Patrick Sweet, Phd
I'm very happy with your software - it's fantastic. Very easy to use and works every time. Thanks, Glen Beumer
Your software does it all, and your support services are excellent. Keep up the good work.Isaac Nwuju
Thanks for your quick answer. This is great service and I give credit where credit is due!Horst Neidhart